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Auto Maintenance And Repairs

San Francisco Bay Area's Premium Mobile Service Provider Based Out of Oakland, Ca.

Engine Oil and Filter Change

**Not Stand Alone Service**

Synthetic Blend Oil Change up to 5QTS: $97.99

Synthetic Blend Oil Change up to 9QTS: $112.99

Full Synthetic Oil change up to 5QTS: $113.99

Full Synthetic Oil Change up to 9QTS: $134.99

Used Car Inspection/Pre-Purchase Inspection Service


Vehicle has multi point visual inspection performed with documation and pictures provided of any findings and results. Electrical system tested, Emission monitors inspected for Smog test readiness. Vehicle is Road tested with Approval.

Brake Service

I provide brake services utilizing only the best brake pads and rotors but can work with your budget if you are in a budget. If requested will offer both GOOD and BEST Options for you to choose from. But have to advise brake systems is not an area to overlook as this is a crucial area for your family and your own safety specially in the wet winter roads.

Tire Rotation

**Not Stand Alone Service**


Tire Rotation is performed and torqued to specification using torque wrench



Diagnosis charge is for initial hour. If additional time is needed for diagnosis, it would be discussed with steps necessary to perform diagnosis along with additional charge costs for approval. If no further diagnosis is wanted than it would be initial diagnosis estimate given.


I only utilize OEM manufacturer brands to repair/service your vehicle suspension and general repair as needed. If you wish to use OEM parts that is an option as well. But for most part not necessary OEM manufacturers sell same parts in local parts stores at a lower price than dealership under their own names for example: KYB, Denso, NGK, Hitachi, Bosch, Aisin, and many more brands. 

Brake Fluid Exchange


Brake fluid exchange service is performed, brake fluid level is set to specification level and road test to verify proper brake system operation after service is completed.

30K, 60K, 90K, & 120K

Major Services

Major services are performed but price varies depending on vehicle parts and labor costs depending on services being performed in those major services. Please inquire about services for quote, please provide vehicle information including engine size, auto or manual transmission and if 4WD/4X4 if vehicle is equipped.

A/C Repairs

I am able to provide repairs/service on A/C systems that utilize R134 refrigerant oil. Please contact me if you need A/C service but not sure which type of Refrigerant you will need.

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